Special Exhibition of Famen Temple Treasures Opens in Changsha Museum


On July 16th, 2021, the special exhibition titled Treasures Underground: Selected Cultural Relics of Tang Court in Famen Temple opened at Changsha Museum. Out of 57 items (sets) of selected artifacts in display, 30 have been identified as first-grade national cultural relics of China. Outbound exhibition of unearthed treasures from Famen Temple underground palace in such a large scale has not been seen in history. This is also a rare opportunity for audiences to appreciate court treasures in Tang dynasty.

With more than 2000 splendid pieces of treasures from Tang imperial family and Buddhist relics excavated, the underground palace of Famen Temple is considered as one of the most significant archaeological discoveries in the 20th century. Magnificent objects unearthed include large numbers of gold and silver wares, glass wares, porcelains, jewelries and textiles, which are all identified as awards granted by royal family, showcase highly developed material civilization of the Tang dynasty and therefore are considered as valuable proofs in studying the social life and religion of Tang dynasty.

The exhibition is divided into three units, namely “Ancient Temple and Underground Palace”, “Holy Site for Buddhist Rites”, and “Donation with Good Blessings”, respectively introducing the long history of Famen Temple, Chinese esoteric Buddhism and the life of royal families in Tang dynasty.

The exhibits revealed outstanding handicraft and rich material life in the Tang dynasty with gold and silver wares such as the gilded copper Buddhist pagoda, gold and silver treasure boxes, monk’s cane with a tin ring and the silver sachet with decoration of birds. Grand occasions of economic and cultural exchanges between the East and West have been witnessed by the blue glass plate with design of 8-petal flower in early Islamic style. With displaying of their bluish-green secret color, an octagon vase and Mise porcelain plate with edge in the shape of mallow petals revealed the mystery of ages about the porcelain of mysterious color. Cultural relics of the underground palace of Famen Temple, with its perfect preservation of the Buddhist rites by the Tang royal families, bring to the present world the charm and attraction of the Chinese civilization thousands of years ago.

The exhibition will last till October 17th, 2021.

Source: Changsha Museum