China Port Museum Holds Exhibition on Port and Urban Development of Ningbo


The exhibition Port Leading to the World—Port and City of Ningbo was opened at the China Port Museum on September 8, 2021.

On the theme of Ningbo port and urban development, the exhibition gives a full and accurate illustration of Ningbo’s history: from the very beginning to its prosperity, through the rise and fall in the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties, to the transformation in modern times and the regeneration in the contemporary era. Accordingly, various exhibition forms are employed, such as historical documents, illustrations, cultural relics, models, replicas and miniature scenarios.

More than 100 items (sets) of cultural relics have been selected and displayed in the following 5 units: “Convergence of River and Sea", Commence of Port City (Warring States period to Tang dynasty)”, “Arriving of Merchant Ships, Thriving of Port City (Five dynasties to Yuan dynasty)”, “Port City and the World (Ming dynasty to 1840)”, “Great Changes of the World, Transition of the City (1840-1949)”, and “Unimpeded Connection to the World, New Story of Port City (contemporary era)”.

During the exhibition, the China Port Museum will present a series of themed lectures, access to its virtual museum and guided tour to create a new and unique experience for the audience with a combination of tradition and technology.

The exhibition will last until November 28.

Source: China Port Museum