First Special Exhibition on General History of Chinese Science and Technology Opens at National Museum of China


On September 26, the exhibition The Power of Science and Technology opened at the National Museum of China (NMC). It is the first themed exhibition organized by the NMC on the general history of science and technology in China.

The exhibits range from oracle bones with inscriptions of solar eclipse records and sexagenary cycle chart, to contemporary scientific and technological achievements including the Micius Quantum Experiment Science Satellite. The exhibition is divided into four parts: “Searching for Truth”, “Creating from Nature”, “Learning from the West” and “Marching towards Rejuvenation”. More than 400 cultural relics and 50 models, supplemented by pictures, charts, multimedia and interactive displays, are exhibited to outline the historical lineage of the development of China’s science, technology and industry from ancient times to the present, with a focus on the characteristics of development and outstanding achievements of various eras. Many cultural relics acquired in recent years are on display, which is NMC’s latest attempt to reflect the development of scientific research and industrial technology after 1949.

Source: National Museum of China