Chinese Cultural Relics Exhibited at Buyeo National Museum, Korea


The exhibition Northern Wei: The legacy of the Tuoba Tribe of the Xianbei, was held in Buyeo, South Korea on October 19, 2021, jointly presented by the Korean Buyeo National Museum and Seoul Baekje Museum and their Chinese counterparts Luoyang Museum, Datong Museum and Hulun Buir Ethnic Museum.

As one of the important cultural activities of the 2021 China-ROK Year of Cultural Exchanges, the exhibition includes 85 items (sets) of stone artifacts, pottery, porcelain, bronze, etc., which are divided into 3 units, namely “South migrating of the Xianbei Tuoba Tribe”, “Pingcheng Period and Luoyang Period” and “Thrive of Buddhism and Pathaka”, presenting the magnificent history as precious material and spiritual wealth of the Xianbei Tuoba tribe through the continuous self-innovation and development, laying a foundation for the unity of pluralistic society of the Chinese nation.

Before this, the Buyeo National Museum organized an online international symposium on “Blending·Charm: Historical Footprints of Xianbei Tuoba Tribe of Northern Wei” for the exhibition. Experts and scholars from China, South Korea, Japan, Russia and Mongolia, shared ideas from a variety of fields including history, archeology, art history.

The exhibition will run until November 28, 2021, and travel to Seoul Baekje Museum for an itinerant exhibition from December 17, 2021 to February 27, 2022.

Source: Wechat Official Account of Luoyang Museum

Photo Credits: Datong Museum, Luoyang Museum