Exhibition “A Brocade of Images: Landscapes and Figures in Tapestry and Embroidery” opens at Palace Museum in Taipei


On April 2, 2022, the exhibition A Brocade of Images: Landscapes and Figures in Tapestry and Embroidery was opened at the Palace Museum in Taipei.

Tapestry and embroidery both have a long history in China. As the techniques to produce them matured, these two crafts became increasingly appreciated as art forms in their own right during the Song dynasty. Tapestry and embroidery art covers a wide variety of subjects, including bird-and-flower, landscape, religious, and narrative depictions. Reproducing the engaging and fascinating world of painting, even down to the smallest details, textile artists sometimes even exceeded the realm of painting, demonstrating the extraordinary heights achieved in the arts of silk tapestry and embroidery.

This special exhibition brings together more than 30 works of tapestry and embroidery at the Palace Museum in Taipei. One of the exhibition highlights is the national treasure Hall in the Mountains of Immortals. The exhibition is divided into four sections: “Pure Sounds of the Landscape”, “Buddhist and Daoist Figures”, “Characters in Popular Stories” and “Famous Masters, Famous Works.” On one hand, they portray the arrangements and techniques of representing landscapes and figures as well as other elements, revealing the amazing beauty and skill in weaving tapestry and embroidery. On the other hand, these works from the Song and later periods also illustrate the period styles and artistic accomplishments of their respective eras.

The exhibition will last till June 26, 2022.

Source: Palace Museum, Taipei