Shanxi Museum Puts 22 Selected Exhibitions Online


The Shanxi Museum recently put online 22 selected exhibitions launched in the past few years, including the exhibition on Shanxi glazed tiles, Selected Cultural Relics from the Silk Road, Special Exhibition of the Preservation and Inheritance of Yongle Palace, inviting audiences to enjoy national treasures and acquire knowledge embodied in the virtual exhibitions.

With VR technology, a panorama virtual tour was created by restoring the scanned exhibition halls online. After accessing the virtual gallery, visitors can switch to different view scenes and in each scene they can enjoy a 360-degree visiting experience without missing any single exhibit as if visiting in person. Cultural relics can be explored by pictures, audio and text introduction in the online exhibitions to satisfy diversified needs of the audiences and present the exhibition in an all-round manner. Additionally, an interactive part is included for visitors to click “like” or “share” the exhibitions and leave comments at their preferred zone by dragging the profile pictures.

Source: People’s Daily, Taiyuan Evening

Photo Credit: Shanxi Museum