China National Silk Museum Holds Exhibition to Celebrate its 30th Anniversary


On April 15, 2022, an exhibition was inaugurated at the China National Silk Museum (NSM) to celebrate its 30th anniversary.

The exhibition presents the development course of the NSM in the past 30 years from different perspectives of time, business and staff in a comprehensive way. It is divided into three units, including the history, the feature, and the friends of the NSM. The first unit presents the medals, official documents, tickets, exhibition pamphlets, old photos and other archives of the museum history, marking important phases in its development including the arduous preparation for the establishment (1986-1991), the construction (1992-1999), the thriving (2000-2012) and its growing and development (2013-2022). The second unit reviews the experiences and achievements of the NSM through exhibits and video materials including graphics, test reports, test paper, restored artifacts, restored ancient clothes, cultural and creative products for exhibitions and the Silk Road Week, models of different looms, and samples of cotton, linen, silk, and natural dyes. The third unit expresses NSM’s gratitude to donors, volunteers, experts, partners and NSMers through exhibits and graphics, including textiles from the Liao dynasty donated by the Mengdiexuan collection, Hong Kong, copy manuscripts of Dunhuang costume patterns of the past generations donated by Chang Shana.

The exhibition will last till June 5, 2022.

Source: China National Silk Museum