“Encounter with the Prado at Library” Exhibition Opens in Guangzhou


On April 4, 2022, the exhibition Encounter with the Prado at Library - Kings, Painters and Their Paintings was officially opened at the Guangzhou Library. The exhibition is hosted by Consulate General of Spain in Guangzhou and the Guangzhou Library.

The exhibition displays 29 copies of the most representative masterpieces of the Prado Museum, presenting the brilliance of Western paintings from the Renaissance to the end of the 19th century. The Prado Museum in Spain was known as one of the "four art galleries in the world" from the end of the 19th century. It is the most comprehensive and authoritative art museum for the collection of Spanish paintings. It inherits all kinds of paintings, sculptures, prints and decorative arts collected by Spanish monarchs, including many masterpieces of European artists. The treasure of the museum, Las meninas, 1656 by Diego Velázquez (1599—1660), is finely copied by the original scale at the exhibition. In order to facilitate the audience's close appreciation, the curator team specially divided and arranged the elements of the painting in multiple perspectives, and built a three-dimensional set of Las meninas, so that the audience could "enter" the painting and experience the exquisite composition of the work.

This exhibition "interprets" the treasures of the Prado Museum for the public in the style of a library, and helps the public appreciate Western painting art in a cross-cultural context and re-examine world famous paintings in the role as readers through a series of interactive reading experience activities.

The exhibition will last until May 15, 2022.

Source: Xinhua Net

Photo Credit: Guangzhou Library