Guizhou Provincial Museum Presents a Digital Art Exhibition


On April 29, 2022, the exhibition titled Fission - The New Wave of International Digital Art opened at the Guizhou Provincial Museum. The exhibition is a digital art exhibition that starts from the concept and methods of international digital art and integrates academic, public and international aspects. It is also the first large-scale exhibition covering the wave of global digital images and multimedia in the history of contemporary art in Guizhou.

The exhibition brings together 54 works of art by 44 artists from 10 countries and regions around the globe. With “Fission” as its theme, it focuses on the interactive relationship among population, technology, capital and information and the rebuilding of the present world by both technology and media under the background of globalization full of contradictions and conflicts. The exhibition is divided into four parts: “Regeneration of antiquities: the integration of archaeology and digital art”, “Post-life intention: the connection between man and nature, society and science and technology”, “Synthetic world: the connection between virtual reality and real world” and “Algorithmic images: the meaning of digital art”.

The exhibition will run till August 31, 2022.

Source: Guizhou Provincial Museum