Exhibition on Treasures of Tang Dynasty Opens in Dongguan


On May 18, 2022, the exhibition Treasures of Tang Dynasty: Selected Cultural Relics of Famen Temple opens at the Dongguan Museum, Guangdong province, China, presenting 60 exquisite artifacts from Famen Temple Museum and Baoji Bronze Ware Museum, including 29 first-grade national cultural relics.

The exhibition is divided into three parts, which presents the history of Famen temple, beauty of the exquisite artifacts in Famen Temple underground palace, as well as worship of the Buddha, way of fragrance and tea ceremony during the Tang dynasty. It brings the audience an immersive experience of prosperous and splendid Tang culture, enabling the audience to relive the glory of Tang dynasty as if they travelled back in time.

The artifacts unveiled from the underground palace of Famen temple are of such a high grade, great variety and in large amount and good condition with clear record that are rare in the history of Chinese archaeology. They are one of the major archaeological discoveries of the Sui and Tang dynasties in the 20th century. The exhibition highlights include the Mise (lit. secret color) porcelain plate, the large gold-plated silver basin with mandarin duck and floral patterns, the silver tea grinder with goose patterns, etc.

Dongguan city has seen a long history and rich culture, as an important hub of trade for the Maritime Silk Road. Artifacts excavated from Famen temple are priceless treasures of the Silk Road,with a large number of Silk Road treasures, which are likely to be transmitted to Xi’an via the Maritime Silk Road through Dongguan, Guangzhou and other places. The cultures of the two places echo each other.

Source: Dongguan Museum, Guangdong News