Collection of Hungarian National Museum Shows at Micro-Folie Mobile Museum


From May 10 to September 19, 2022, the Micro-Folie mobile museum set in Budapest shows 23 objects from the collection of the Hungarian National Museum, including the Scythian Golden Stag, a portrait of Franz Liszt and the hand of the Stalin statue.

For those who think that visiting digital exhibitions is not the real thing, they haven't seen the Micro-Folie mobile museum. Institutions such as the Louvre, the Pompidou Centre in Paris and the Picasso Museum have all been involved in the creation of this great French initiative. High-resolution digitized photographs, 3D photos and video recordings of thousands of amazing artefacts have been uploaded to the digital museum and can be viewed by anyone who visits Micro-Folie free of charge. The images can be enlarged at will to reveal details that would otherwise be easily hidden.

The exhibition will last until September 19, 2022.

Source: Hungarian National Museum