Ai Wenwen, National Museum of China introduces its First AI Staff Member


On July 22, 2022, on the occasion of the 110th anniversary of the founding of the National Museum of China (NMC), the museum introduced its first AI staff member, a digital human named Ai Wenwen, who has just graduated from school and begun her exploration of the museum's treasure trove.

In the short video released, the young and pretty Ai Wenwen is walking toward us down the boulevard of the university campus. She comes to the National Museum of China, walks into the curatorial department, the storage, and the galleries under the supervision of the museum seniors, and gradually lives her part. In the permanent exhibition Ancient China, Ai has generated magic feeling of the museum collections and acquires the unique ability to "bring the cultural relics back to life ".

As a special new staff of the museum, Ai is not only the spokeswoman of the museum in the virtual world, but also has the ability to learn about different roles in the museum in reality. She is not only a “new youth” of modern society, but also a witness from history. She is both rooted in the cultural genes of the Chinese nation and formed at the forefront of AI technology in the new era. She will be a friend of the audience across time and space at the National Museum of China.

The NMC’s first digital Human is resulted from "Culture+Technology" in-depth cooperation projects carried out by the NMC and Tencent.

Wandering in the largest single-structure museum in the world, Ai will take the audience on a journey through more than 1.43 million artifacts into the 5,000-year Chinese history, where one can appreciate the profoundness of Chinese civilization.