2021 ICOM Annual Report: A Year to Recover and Reimagine


On July 28, 2022, the International Council of Museums published the Annual Report A Year to Recover and Reimagine, sharing a glimpse of the many activities and projects that were held within the museum network for the year 2021.

After the disruptive global crisis of 2020, the year 2021 was an opportunity for the global museum community to reconnect, rethink and put into action new ways of moving forwards, onwards, together. In our hybrid ‘new normal’, digital innovations and solutions abound, broadening access to resources, facilitating inclusive practices, and further diversifying our community.

The report is divided into four chapters: Recover, International Museum Day 2021, Reimagine and the Future of ICOM. In the first chapter “Recover”, it describes the ICOM constellation’s interconnectedness and capacity to innovate continue to be our driving strengths, after recovering from the pandemic. The chapter “International Museum Day 2021” introduces the activities and projects that were held within the museum network worldwide during the Museum Day. The chapter “Reimagine” indicates ICOM’s presentation in such fora as the COP26 and the G20 summit, demonstrating their community’s commitment and results in mainstreaming ecological, economic, and social sustainability, and harnessing the power of museums as spaces for social discourse and learning. In the last part of the report, it illustrates ICOM’s effort to continue democratising and decolonising the modus operandi, reached out to members to build a communal museum definition and to review the ICOM Code of Ethics for museums; implemented a new online statutory meeting platform, Agora, which has increased participation by 165%, and trialled a hybrid format for 2022 General Conference with 850 online participants joining 230 members in Prague for the International Symposium.

Source: ICOM